Lets Talk Protein…


It is scientifically proven that here in the United States we over indulge in protein. The word protein has been overused by many over the year even Doctors and Professionals. Corporations now swim in the idea they have planted in our heads on how much we NEED Protein. You see so many bars, cookies, powders, full of grams of Protein.

What is interesting is that – we have never ever lacked protein what we lack is more important things like minerals and amino acids – to break down the Protein. Especially now in time, with our diets and our bodies being a bit more polluted we need all the help we can get.

Animal protein is the worst in the sense that it is so hard for the body to break down. If you eat meat every single meal, your digestive system never catches a break. If you wonder why you are just so tired,  feel foggy Or can’t seem to lose weight, stray away from all the processed foods give your body that much needed break and be amazed!!

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