The 4 Agreements of Life


In life, they say there’s 4 agreements to create love and happiness in your life.

The first, be Impeccable with your word. Your words should always come out intertwined with truth and love. Your voice is the vibration coming out from within you, the essence of what’s inside of you interpreted in sound. Say what you mean, and always mean what you say.

The second, don’t take anything personally. When you are unaffected by the opinions and actions of others, that’s called understanding and you safe yourself from any negative feelings. Even if that particular thing makes absolutely no sense to you. Everyone’s reality is different, everyone’s thoughts vary. Levels of awareness come in all forms and sizes, not everyone’s as strong as you. Know that nothing others do is because of You.

The third, don’t make assumptions. Ask questions, never keep quiet about what you feel. Make your point straight and clear so there’s never room for misinterpretations. One disagreement or one agreement can completely change your life.

The fourth, always do your best. In all the things you do, so that you never feel regret or self-judgement. Always know that you did your best and you will feel good about everything you put your time, mind, and soul.

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