Food is thy Medicine


Did you know..

Our life expectancy is declining year after year after year… and sooo many of us will eventually need a pill or 2 or 5… when we get older to help us live.

The sad thing is that everywhere we go we’re persuaded by so many different beliefs on what to eat, what not to eat, what’s good, what’s bad, what’s healthy and what’s not. Eating, has been f*%#ed around for a while now. A lot of the food we consume nowadays is unfortunately very damaging to the body. Have you noticed what a large cup of anything looks like now? It’s 3x the size it used to be back in the day.

The ratios we think are right have been altered by so many things around us and sadly doing us more harm than good. Did you know that about 50% of the food we consume is pretty unnecessary? And it’s actually causing us sickness and pain.

Think of the body as a machine. Literally. It’s working 24/7 never ever rests. So when let’s say, we eat 3 hearty heavy meals a day, plus snacks plus drinks plus whatever else – it’s constantly going and going and going and… sometimes it just can’t keep up, hence obesity and disease. Literally food getting stuck in us and distributed oddly.

The say the gut is our second brain and more and more studies can now associate mental and chronic illnesses to the way we eat. When the body can’t really get the chance to focus on other things like cell regeneration, cleansing, or just simply pumping blood to our organs and tissues effortlessly. Always having to be multitasking by digesting large and even sometimes weird things we now call food. It’s really no surprise.

I hope one day we could leave behind familiarity and embedded material and lean towards more intelligent conscious thinking and really learn what these amazing machines that are our bodies can really fully thrive on so that as a species, we don’t have to experience pain but enjoy a happy healthy life and eventually depart painlessly and peacefully like we can and should. Eat betta! Be conscious of everything you put in that hole of yours. No….not that one!

That’s a whole other story…



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