Acne: From the Inside Out



Acne vulgaris, is the most common epidemic skin disease of our civilization, affecting more than 85% of adolescents. We’ve heard the myths, we’ve heard some remedies and you’d probably tried all the products on television that claim to help fight this uncomfortable issue. A problem most adolescents dealt with is now a rising problem in adults but finally we know the truth!

Lets Talk Insulin

It has been discovered that acne is a great indicator that insulin in the body is not being distributed the way it should be. They once blamed dirty skin and even sleep, but studies now show and can explain how greasy food, diary, refined carbohydrates and sugar are all to be blamed. They have been linked to cause the pancreas to have a late response when we eat these things and not produce the adequate insulin needed. When insulin is not produced, this leads to high levels of glucose not being distributed properly —as insulin is the delivery driver in charge of delivering glucose to all the body. This is when it becomes a problem. Our bodies are not getting the appropriate glucose where it needs it causing an interference with the other mechanics happening inside, letting us know this by showing signs in our exterior – acne. Just another way of showing us how everything we do plays a part.

Studies found that adapting to a healthy plant based diet has been the best solution for this uncomfortable problem for many, but if that’s not in your agenda, staying away from heavy dense calorie foods like bread, diary, and unnecessary sweets can help greatly. Also taking a supplement of Vitamin D is said to aid in anti acne production.

We sometimes forget that things we feel and see on the outside roots from inside.

Lets Fight!

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