Natural Bug Repellents: Why you might want to stay away from OFF


DEET, the main ingredient in any OFF® product has been linked to side effects such as seizures, disorientation, dizziness and even death and still with these knowing facts, the CDC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mark it safe in small doses and okay for short periods of time on the skin.

Stray away from dangerous chemicals and try these natural bug repellents:

Vinegar and Essential oils -fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water and add 10-15 drops of any of these essential oils: mint, spearmint, lemon or citronella. Spray freely around doors, counter tops or anywhere insects are noticed.

Diatomaceous earth– Made from fossilized diatoms, this substance is food-grade (completely safe) and super effective on crawling insects. Spread around your home, in the garden and even on your pets for flea control!

Grilled Rosemary- Getting bugged while grilling? Throw a branch of fresh rosemary on the warm edge of your grill to create a natural barrier for flying insects like mosquitoes.

Cucumber– Many insects, like ants, have a natural disfavor to cucumber (especially the bitter ones). Leave a few slices near entry points or other locations where insects have been spot

Go Natural!

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