Full Moon in Leo


Oh Leo, the energy of fierce, best, above it. This full moon just like every other one, is here to let us KNOW what is it that we have to go without. Even the deepest rooted.

Feeling like a change? Dying or Cutting the hair!

Remember my beautiful people, we have to keep in mind that everything that makes us unsure or second guess chances are – it is not good for us.

Life is all about keeping going, when you sense like falling or stepping back this means something isn’t right. It will not be always that you feel like moving forwards, going bigger and better or always happy about things but it is one feeling, a good one that will always be the one with the most positive impact in the end.

Do things that make you feel good – for yourself or for anything else. The planet, a person or a thing. It is the simple law of flowing through this life in safety that makes everyone feel “okay” for lack of a better word.

May this FULL Moon send a little breeze of I CAN, so that you can get a dose of PURPOSE.

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