The Scorpio Woman


Deep. Deep is the root of this water sign. She wants everything or nothing at all.

Demanding? No, just wants a mirror of what they themselves project. Yes, you will find souls infatuated with you but never in depth like this woman. Their love like no other. From the way she looks at you to the way she makes you FEEL. Literally, when she touches you with lust, love, anger – you WILL be able to feel it. Very intuitive and also a great projector. If she feels confident, you will too. If she feels uneasy or sadden you will too. Many look up to her because of the deep rooted purpose she feels and sees. 

Intuitive…beyond believe. You lie – she’ll know. You feel anything you usually don’t she’ll sense it. There’s just has to be a transparent force between everything she gets close to, why? Because she has had deep hurts in her path but will be completely transparent with you and expects it from you as well.

She’s a boss. She has been holding her own since young. She’s learned to not trust anyone because she’s had no one to trust but because SHES CHOSEN the few that have seen her raw are rare and as they get to know people, appreciate this character from Her. She is herself and herself only.

She’s not easy. Emotions are like storms that can come over any minute of the day. It takes a strong understanding person to settle her chaos. It’s never personal – you just will find out how deep her feelings and mind runs and will have to form some kind of friendship with this dark unknown incredible side of hers but in the end it will end up to be your best long sought ally.

Even the darkest tinctured blanket could not veil her eyes.

– The Scorpio Woman

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