Mercury in Retrograde


A more in depth perspective of the infamous Mercury in Retrograde:

Communication – things can come out as they are when you don’t mean to OR things can come out completely not what/how you meant to say them… 🚫

Electronics – Mercury has effect on things like electronics and devices, making them malfunction. Everything man-made for example: vehicles, things you use on the daily, things we rely on. If it’s time, it is time! And you will know it.

Planned things – it can mess up your plans by throwing a curve ball. Things at this time are very unexpected. .

The Tale goes: Do not make stern decisions or start something during this time. Relationships, projects, etc. things have a greater chance to not be permanent BUT to take this time to reassess everything around You.

Making sure you’re in a good point and you feel #comfy in the place you’re in. If you don’t like it – it’ll make you feel a little uncomfortable. Like a tickle in the back of your brain.

Mercury is not a bad guy, in the contrary it comes to shake up our World a little bit. To wake us up from the mundane. To make us feel like there is MORE.

May these weeks guide you to a better place. After all, where else is there to go?

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