COVID19/The Corona Virus


Greetings my home-bound pretty people!

What a cosmic mind bugle this has been. From people getting laid off, to schools and businesses closing all over the nation. We have never experienced such a silent disruption. The unknown has definitely triggered a lot of new things and events we have never seen before.

Lets not forget that in between all these unprecedented events we have no control over, there is one thing we do and probably the most important, YOU- your mental well being, your stress, your activity, your emotions and feelings.

Take this time to reflect on things around you OR just be still. There is no right or wrong answer on how some of us will be spending our quarantine. Some will jump into a new hobby others will just keep enjoyin’ themselves. Just be mindful of where your mind wanders in times like these. The physical body is well connected with our subconscious thoughts and it will manifest in unexpected ways.

This might not be the best time but we can definitely make it an okay one. Don’t forget to put the stresses that all this has brought away for a bit each day and come back to your breath and to a place where you feel better.

Remember the best thing we can do right now is not get consumed by the surroundings but take it as an opportunity to practice getting a hold of your emotions to feel a little better and knowing this too will pass…

We will Survive my Kind, And We will have to do Better.

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