Mother Earth Day

In Astrology, these past unexpected Earth events and occurrences were anticipated. We knew 2020 was not going to be vanilla. Starting the decade of we have Uranus that moved into the sign of Taurus after 84 years and Saturn and Pluto meeting together in Capricorn the sign that rules governments, corporations and the economy…  

SATURN the planet of experience, maturity, how one learns and deals with situations. The planet that can shape the mind and mentality for better or worse. Have you heard of Saturn Returns? Its a pretty enlightening big deal for every individual you WILL come out a changed person. 

URANUS is the planet of invention, innovation, along with cultural evolution. 

PLUTO one of my favorites. It is the planet or destruction but also of rebirth! like the saying goes: Some things have to break down in order to be built back together.          (Fun Fact – every generation has the same Pluto. My generation has Pluto in Scorpio from 1983- 1995, Pluto in Libra 1971-1984, etc., in most cases defining history)

No decade is the same. Every single decade has had its main events. When Aries was in Uranus since 2011 we experienced the selfie, the hard-on on social media era that we are living in now and enjoying the fruits of amazing technology. 

When Uranus is in Taurus, this energy is more about stability. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus. Meaning Taurus wants a stable home with all the stuff it desires in it to live comfy happily ever after. 

These past wild fires causing huge deforestation , abrupt earthquakes, and uprising global events can be in correlation of what Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are planning for the Earth. The change it deeply needs, Capricorn using its I-mean-business demeanor and Taurus like a bull in a china shop using its big broad power and stubbornness to shake things up, literally.  As we saw in Hong Kong thousands of Hongkongers marching through the streets in protest of the change they deserve!

Thanks to Aries, Uranus got a taste of how fast news, social concepts, and how the internet is quick to communicate helping bring more and more awareness to People about what is really happening throughout our planet and getting to see things, comforts and sights otherwise we’d be deprived of – building a strong nature of DESIRE. For well being, better things, and the “comfy” we all wish to have in our lives. Thank to the help of Saturn and Pluto – the shift has been real, strong and prominent! From the World going on lock down to businesses closing and so many people being let go and uncertainty – its shifting physicality and mentalities all over. Something’s brewing… 

All these transits throughout history invite us to ground ourselves and our minds- to get back to knowing our Being. Bringing a shift of consciousness of society and the world. As the most pronounced and powerful specie, what is it that we can do for EVERYTHING else around us? What is truly our purpose here.

May we someday shape this EARTH into a healthy happy fruitful World!

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