Venus in Retrograde



We know that a planet that is in Retrograde is not exactly going backwards… but! it may appear so from Earth’s perspective because the movement IS a little different.

Just like Mercury and any other planet, when VENUS is in RETROGRADE we need to take the time to:

REevaluate – REflect- REorganize -REestablish

This time, VENUS is shaking up our most personal relationships with humans and the things we value. You may be thinking of someone in the past – they may be thinking of you. You may feel like someone close to you is not your vibe anymore or you may feel like rekindling a past relationship that once made you feel real good. Lets not forget about Rethinking the things that you have been spending MONEY on that feel good that may not be so good for you or Rethinking your investments – personally and financially.

As humans there is one thing we seek and that is CONNECTION and PLEASURE. VENUS is the planet of all things that make us feel good and we seek in our lifetime for our own pleasure. This being a friend, family, lover, pet, or even a thing –  it is the planet that makes us who we are when we build a close relationship with someone or some-thing.

This time gives us the opportunity to REevaluate our own SELF as well. How are we contributing to the relationships we’ve been maintaining? Do you take the time to water the ones you have OR is it time to set them free? What is it that you spend your time and money on? Is it beneficial?

We all LOVE different and We all have different Values.

At the end of the day whatever we put our time and passion into should be good to us back so we can


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