Beauty Products – a temporary fix


I do not believe in commercial beauty products and let me tell you why.

One of our primal tendencies as humans, is wanting and liking charming and beautiful things. Its no secret that beauty has always been a big focus in our society. We admire the things that we may consider good to the eye. With this phenoma and instinct, we have built the enormous industry that we now call – Beauty Products. 

Just like any commodity, the extend of beauty products available for everyone keeps increasing each year. Demand might be at its highest today and will most likely keep growing. With so much innovation and cell focused ingenuity nowadays this billion dollar industry has stolen many hearts and has given many, much faith. There is a product for pretty much every crevice of your human body and we will all have tried at least 20 of these products or more in our lifetime.

The thing is – just like any other temporary solution, products are meant to smooth over “imperfections” and make us feel better about a problem we’ve encountered but they most likely won’t be the long term solution and no one really seems to pay attention to this…

We have all had dry skin. There are hundreds of different lotions for this problem that you may apply every single day.. but we never really stop and think – Why is this happening? Why is my skin dry? And that my friends could be the infinite answer to most – if not all of our problems!

I, myself have tried hundreds of products through the years for blemishes or defects I detect. Expensive Keratin conditioner for dry ends. “Skin tightening” lotion, morning and night ones too and many many more. Seemed like a never ending hunt but I can now confidently say –There is always a root to the blemish.

See, the human body is amazing. We are constructed of so many different components that need balance and care, we can safely say that pretty much everything good or bad in our bodies starts from inside. 

The solution to all these problems begins within and can be assisted in many natural ways.

I consider myself a Naturalist. This stemmed from my understanding of how products are put together and the effects these may have on the body. Feel free to read my post on this. I have part ways with so many products and acquired my own all natural beauty routine.

After all, your skin is your biggest organ.

Coconut Oil is now my confidant and herbs are my gang! Going Vegan was such a life-changer for this too. It improved things so much in so many different ways. By having a natural diet it boosts the good cells and fuels my amino acids which cleans my body from the inside out. 

See, when they said “You Are What You Eat” they were right. If you do away from processed and bad food and start eating beneficial things – IT SHOWS. This was pretty much the awesome culprit to doing away with all the different kind of products I thought I needed. The blemishes and problems all slowly started to subside, like Magic! The dry skin was not much of a problem anymore due to the high hydration my body was getting from natural food, one down. Any pimple, smudge or issue just did not have the right environment to even form and come to life! Once your body is balanced, all beauty routine becomes more of a light want and alchemy than a research and trial expensive project.

I encourage you to be mindful of the products you put into your body that may be infused with chemicals that are harmful. To open your perspective to natural long term solutions and know that you do not have to live in constant exploration. Stay pretty my people! and remember –

Be Beautiful just as Inward as Out.

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