“It is Time.” – Pluto


Its in the stars.

A great collective shift is coming in the next couple of years and the offender Pluto will make sure nothing will be the same.

If you have been keeping up, we have been experiencing a flow of unusual things all around us. From weather phenomenon, massive destructive fires, people rioting for what they believe in, to now this pandemic. Its all not unexpected – if you can read the stars, we knew this was coming but not exactly how it was going to present itself.

Its been long known the universe has had an effect on people and the World around us. We can correlate huge shifts and events depending on the activity and energy of the planets above and we call this, Astrology. Astrology was used even before we knew what science really was. Ancient humans used the universe as guidance for cultivation, for personal purpose, to understand the world around them. As time passed, we started shifting away from astrology to something more physical and we somehow lost the magic and the beneficial guidance the stars could provide for our human kind.

In this new decade, we can see so much movement and energy coming our way.

Pluto is the master of destruction but lets not focus on that, lets go a little deeper. When something needs to be demolished or removed the comfort of what we know and familiarity can make it hard, but we can either retaliate the change or we can learn from it. What is the lesson? In the end, the opportunity for change can either make us grow or bust. Pluto is here to show us that somehow the motions we’ve been making need change. Change is not easy especially when something has been in place for hundreds of years. Change can be uncomfortable and a little turbulent but nevertheless necessary at times.

“It Is Time.” – Pluto

With so many things happening People are feeling different. We are seeing, hearing, experiencing things we as generations have not before. The thing is – just like any other stubborn habit we have to break we have to do this smartly. Just how a change can be good it can also be damaging and it is up to US as a collective to guide this force and create better. Even with forces against our flow we all have the power to come together and make this situation as profitable as possible. Not only for Us but for the future of the children and generations to come.

Something huge is going to happen and we will all be part of it. We may not have much control but we do have control of our feelings and the things we do and say. Violence is not the answer although wars have been around since the begging of time and may be the only thing we know.

Lets not go to war with ourselves or the ones around us, but charge to a better fight!

A fight for human happiness, human kindness and World Peace.

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