Mars Retrograde (Aries)

Each planet serves a purpose in our overall psych it directly affects the energy among us and how things might play out personally and around us.

Mars planet of [passion, anger, war] is retrograde in Aries [God of War, doer, fighter!]

This year has been something else.. things keep coming up and everyone is having to cope, start, deal, learn and do things in different ways. Thankfully, Mars Retrograde gives us the opportunity to put all our frustrations (anger) on the table and try to better organize that shit! To turn those odd feelings into something better – hobbies, activities, etc. For our own very important mental stability.

This is a very powerful conjunction that can give a really good outcome or send us straight to WW3… Although this might sound like we have to rage and fight- This is the time to think more than act, to pick out your best weapon, and re-direct your #plan of attack if it hasn’t been the best.. So you can always learn to reap some good in the middle of any freakin’ chaos.

Mars retrograde is making us reconsider the physical work we’ve been putting into the things we want. The literal connection between what you want/think (mind) and how you literally get up and get it/do it (physical). You putting the work? If you want something, go and get it!

Ride this Fire 
Rise from the ashes!

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