Lets Energize!

“A 2016 study published in the journal BMJ Open found that the average American gets 57.9% of their daily calories from ‘ultra-processed foods’.

Just like we need to take care of our environment, we have our very own personal habitat – our Bodies. Intricate precise non-stop running machines! It’s our most important duty to learn it, “change the oil” when needed, “tune it” if it’s running a little funky, and to take care of it in every way.

The gut is our second brain. In some spiritual practices the root of your most inner human energy is right at your core – your stomach. This is where your body and mind connect and come into balance. That cable needs to be working smooth so we can achieve a good state of mind and feel good.

I always say when something’s not right do a Process of Elimination. What could be causing this? 

Lack of energy is linked to poor eating habits – We Are Not Getting The Fuel We Need To Run Accordingly.

A jar of marinara sauce, ketchup, cereal, chips, hot Dogs, burgers, drinks, candy, and SO MANY MORE. We’ve all had it, sometimes 5 or more of these things a day. This is the Food War we all have obliviously been in. Where “bad food” corporations thrive on our desires and keep creating things that aren’t really good for us. We need to stop consuming these things and this only comes when we understand what really is good and bad for us.

When you consume processed food the body is introduced to this weird buffet of ingredients and chemicals, but not exactly the resources to keep the body and mind sharp. So its even more work for the body hence the fatigue. Just like anything else, if it does not have the right things – it will just not work right and what can you do to feel better?

COOK YOUR FOOD This is the base of everything.

Kitchen to plate! As I like to say. Its just the best way. You know exactly what you are consuming and there is no long list of weird ingredients or chemicals on the back side..

Toss the processed foods, clean up your eating, and get deeper in tuned with the power within you.

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