E for Evolution

E for Evolution

My People, my Anarchy heart wants to flick yours. We all need to be more self sufficient so we do not have to rely on our stale Government so much. Our Country along with the World won’t see a clear future without some hardcore remodel…but it is not coming from T H E M.

I hope when the Election 2020 is over, all that hostile passion we carry for our next President seeps through long after and we still want to keep fighting to SAVE OUR COUNTRY – not only from bad leaders, but from US.

Our Carbon Footprint is getting worse, and our Government is not doing much to change things or to make it better. Things are on the rise:

• Food Waste.
• Biodiversity Loss.
• Plastic Pollution.
• Deforestation.
• Air Pollution. • Disease.
• Agriculture. • Homelessness

So why not take matters into our own hands and start to do some damage control for ourselves. What can help?

• Recycle ♻️
• Using less products and living more natural • Eating less animal products
• Being mindful of our consumer actions
• Start growing your own food  • Drive less
• Plant trees in your yard
• Don’t eat out so much

These are just a few things we can make a difference on. No ones going to help us if we don’t help ourselves.

Stand about something and make a difference!

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