Your Pluto placement has Changed the World

We have all heard of generations. Our great-great grandfather or great aunt. Our grandparents and their parents. Its the Tree of Life, our Family Tree, but have you ever heard of the Pluto Generations? That’s right. Just how the world has had their generations of people, they all have one peculiar and specific thing in common, what is that?¬†

They all have their own Pluto.

In astrology, every generation made a difference. Made a statement, or a main event. The Baby Boomers Pluto in Leo generation 1939-1957 is the generation who made a staple for self and hard work. Fueled by determination, these are the people that saw the Great Depression and did something personally to not ever go through that themselves. We can in a way say they restored economy and you can now see many Pluto in Leos as your grandparents, living well and retired.

Generation X Pluto in Virgo 1958-1971. What is Virgo good at? Systemizing. Formulating. What was needed then? A more equal World. This generation saw the first public assassination’s, President John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. They organized the FIRST Civil Right’s Protest, Rosa Parks stood up for her rights. Segregation ended. The People finally ORGANIZED and stood together for a change!

Generation X/Y Pluto in Libra 1971-1984, you are a little in the middle. You were caught by the shadow period of the world being reedited by analytical Virgo and Libras desire for what is fair was exactly what the World needed. You helped keep the momentum going and stood up for Women’s rights and Gay rights, more things this Country needed and brought forward Gender Equality and Status Quos.

Millennium’s Generation Pluto in Scorpio 1983-1995. Scorpio is the master of death and rebirth. This is the generation that digs deep, the one who wants to find the longed lost secret answers. The creepy dark, spirituality, health, science research, artificial intelligent, changing everything generation. This is our Millenniums, the New Minds, the Innovates. This is the generation that broke the norms of religion and traditions. The ones that stepped outside the last deep rooted predisposed mental boundaries we have all been following for decades due to unhealed parts within to soar and seek better days for not only themselves but the World.

iGen/Genz. Pluto in Sagittarius 1995-2008. Sagittarius, the sign of higher learning, the anything foreign lover, the positive. This generation is here to CONNECT. To connect the world and the people. To explore outside what we know and dive into the unknown for better spiritual understanding of ourselves and the things around us. This is the generation that is neutral to culture, intuitive, open to change and positive to the strange and unknown. This is the generation that will benefit our….

GenAlpha Capricorn Generation! – 2008-2024

With all the chaos in the World right now and unknowingly where we are headed….. this is the generation that is going to pick up the shattered pieces from all the breaking down our world is going through right now. This generation will have to reform Society, make it better, and care for it to thrive. In better ways for All.

We all as entities without even knowing have made our mark during out timeline on this earth. Don’t you dare believe that You can’t make a difference. We all are here for a reason, why not leave a useful imprint!

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