Why Brush Your Skin?


Has been emphasized in every culture since the beginning of time. Dry Brushing has been discovered to be one of the beauty routine essentials of ancient women. It is human nature especially for women to want to nurture not only the things around us but ourselves. It is what makes us extraordinary!

Why Brush? 3 words – The Endocrine System. The Mood Stabilizer. Think of it as the Hormones’ keeper and distributor. These little glands have one job. They are in charge of producing and sending the specific hormones the organs need to keep healthy and detoxify the body. When we gently brush, we are “massaging” and stimulating these glands and in the process also exfoliating our skin.

How do you Dry Brush? Dry Brushing is literally brushing your skin with a natural gentle bristle brush in a specific way.

Dry Brushing Routine

Feel the tingles! Do this 2x – 3x a week for best results as the body needs time to rid the toxins. Be consistent and gentle with your skin. Rub Coconut Oil after as a moisturizer.

Find passion in the daily routines that make you feel good. There is nothing like Self-Care and Self-Love. Get to know your body, it is what makes You and what will carry you around in this lifetime, take care of it!

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