Believe: In Crystal Magic

It is natural as humans to want to give consciousness to physical things. We want to form connections and trust with something that might not physically exist but believe is there. You may find it silly the emphasize on these minerals, but not if you understand it from the Magical approach.

We can track Quartz all the way back to 800-600 BC. This is not a new trend, just an unearthing of it. History has found again and again cultures who believed in Crystals. Where their people would use them as lucky amulets, protection, special gifts, and even beauty rituals to stop ageing. They believed they were alive and could communicate with the universe and everything around.

There is no fine line between what is Alive and what is Not, when you dive into the perspective that some things we cannot see exist and come to be because of our conscious. “Thoughts are things” said the great Edgar Cayce. We bring things into existence when we think them, and THAT is Crystal Magic.

From its most base ingredient -Silicon which grows in a spiral manner just like our own human DNA! No wonder the attraction exists. The beauty of each and every crystal cannot be denied and sometimes its simply just that, that pulls you in. The bends, the creases, the chips, its what makes these Quartz special. The connection you can form and message you can send to yourself and the universe when you wrap yourself in the genuine believe that what you wish can come true.

Believe in Crystal Magic, it is real!

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