Lunar Eclipses and You

Lunar Eclipses are full of ENERGY! A Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun and the Moon come face to face but Earth is in the way and metaphorically, something might be in yours… 

In Astrology,

Your SUN is The person You are to the World. 

Your MOON is your Feelings deep inside, the thoughts no one knows which ultimately affects your Sun – Who You Are.

Eclipses are said to give you a time to reflect on your life at the moment, like little yearly master resets that last and come in waves of 6 months. They bring streaks of events, occurrences, that challenge you in different ways. They show up to push you, “What you doing?” “How’s it going?”

Where were you 6 months ago? Where do you see yourself 6 months from now? Your intentions and thoughts have been brewing something. It’s your choice to go for it and make it fascinating, or stay eclipsed!

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