Food Hair Dye: Safe, Cool, and Natural

Did you ever Dye your hair with Kool-Aid? It is kind of like that.

Since the beginning of time Women have hunt for options to alter their beauty in many ways. These came a lot more natural back then, options were short but the cleverness and imaginativeness in these beauty rituals they discovered along the way would amaze you!

The most common thing women feel more inclined to usually do is Dye our Hair. It is easy and sometimes at the reach of a hand, but the chemicals in Hair Dyes might be hiding something damaging to our bodies. Some ingredients found in the most common hair dyes have even been linked to chemicals that disrupt our natural hormones and can make us sick in weird ways. 

If you have never thought of food as a dye, where have you been! Women have been using Henna along with Fruits and Herbs to color their hair for centuries and many are still doing it now. These homemade hair dyes will tint and dye your hair over time. They are safe, natural, and super easy to make. 

When you apply, make sure to be outside in the Sun and keep it for at least a 1-hour every time. 

For Dark tint:

Coffee: Don’t throw away your coffee grounds! Save them and put them all over your hair to give it a darker tint.

Rosemary: Boil some rosemary leaves in water, let it cool and apply it mixed in coconut oil. Rosemary is really good for scalp circulation and hair growth!

Black Tea: Boil some Tea, let it cool, Rub it all over you hair.

For Reddish tint: 

Rosehip: Boil it in water until thick paste, cool it, apply. Rosehip is good for sun damage and wrinkles too, put it all over your face as a mask to hydrate with antioxidants!

Carrots: Cut and Blend carrots with a little water, add to coconut oil, apply.

Beets: Same as Carrots. Cut and Blend Beets with a little water, add to coconut oil, apply.

To Lighten Hair:

Lemon/Lime: Make a paste by squeezing the lemon/lime juice and in coconut oil and apply.

Chamomile Tea: Brew it, cool it, apply by spraying it or mix with coconut oil.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen is super natural and has been used for ages, make sure to dilute it a bit before you apply it. 

*Store any leftovers in the fridge for up to a week.

Nothing is more beautiful than You at your most natural state but it is nice to sometimes add a little more radiance to our already awesome selves! 

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