Sagittarius in the air!

Sagittarius; the lover of learning, realization, the adventurer!

The freedom lovers of the zodiac, but not because they like to just roam but because they want to seek the truth in everything and anything surrounding them and all the secrets of the World. This energy is fire; it is bold, so bold that at times it might be a little harsh. They think, therefore they do, they are adventurous individuals at heart. They love to experience anything and everything, that being physically and mentally. Highly prone to nonconventional ways and beliefs. Open minded free souls but at times so unbounded that obligations may cause burden and promises or goals might not be top list or ever met.

A well balanced Sagittarius energy is very fun, a leader, witty, bold, and exciting. 

When the stars, moon, and celestials visit Sagittarius; they are inviting us to be more open minded. Nudging us to explore the beliefs we are living with at the moment and get in touch with the things we have learned all year. To examine the feelings and things that knocked us down, we uncovered, or experienced. This is the time to examine our individuality. Why we are the way we are? Are we okay being that way? Or do we need changes however small these may be. As a philosopher, this energy influences to revisit the awkward beliefs, truths, and thoughts that might have caressed your mind and have been living in there. This energy will push you to take the chances or do things you might not particularly would, and if you receive it well, with Jupiter on its side, good things are sure to prosper. There are never stale waters on Sagittarius time! 

Happy Energetic Solar Eclipse and New moon, feel good!

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