Don’t be sour; The Truth about Alkaline

We see the word Alkaline becoming more popular. Waters, supplements, and even teas promoting to alkaline our bodies and we all want it.

The body is a system; it has many fluids, connections and processes. One of the most important things that keep us healthy and alive is -Blood. Blood is responsible for transporting nutrients to all our organs. It is the one of the messengers in our system, and what makes blood? Water. The more hydrated we are the better the volume of blood in our system, but it is definitely not the only thing.

Water is not the only thing that can hydrate us. All food like cucumbers, watermelon, limes, onions, zucchinis, carrots – Natural food* is made up of water. When we eat these foods the body knows exactly what to do. It is like hydrating the body with food, cell hydration.

Keeping an alkaline body is essential to have a clear mind and maintain our well -being. pH is the measure of range of acidity/basic in the body. pH levels should be balanced at a neutral 7. Just like stale water or a not so fizzy soda when the liquid (blood) in our system is not at a neutral 7; simple pain can become chronic, things start building and happening to the body and disease can start forming. 

Not everything that goes in your body comes out.

So how do we keep our pH healthy? By eating a better variety of things. That’s the key. Think of anything you put in your mouth – the body has to digest. If you eat a greasy burger, where do you think the grease goes? The body can only do so much. If we overfeed it or not present it with healthy things, it will someday show one way or another. A Plant-Based or Whole Food lifestyle can provide all the necessary amino acids and nutrients for the blood to deliver. Stay away from sugars, breads, and processed foods as these are foreign to the body and are causing us the most damage. 

If you keep your body aligned it will maintain its alkaline state and there will be no need for vitamins, medication or supplements. Remember – there is not always an easy solution and this is one of them. Our bodies are magically complex. It is up to us to maintain the ripple effect to be good and beneficial to us. Eat better, exercise and be happy.

Don’t be sour, stay alkalized!

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