Witchy Wednesday; How to Magic with each Phase.

Moon Magic has and will forever be a perpetual witchcraft ritual.

As humans we have been following the Sun and the Moon since the beginning of time. It was not long when women realized the connection between their being and the Moon. Not only intuitively but also connecting their crops, their bodies and everything around them. The Moon cycles are meant to promote constant balance in our life. They serve as life shakers to avoid staleness or per say a rusty life. Life is always moving. Our minds and worlds are stirred with it too. One of our purposes in life is to learn how to move with the waves of life. To go through life passively and effortlessly. Thankfully our Moon is here for that.

The Moon wanders for 29.5 days to complete a full cycle. From New to Full. The different phases you see when you look up can tell you a story and give you a better understanding of your mental state at the moment and the things around you. The Moon can sometimes make us a little hazy and even crazy but its purpose is always good. If we follow its guidance it can make our lives a little easier and even magical!

New Phase

New Moon:

Here the Moon has withdrawn to it’s fortress to regather and rest. This gives us the opportunity to do the same. We may feel a little tired and withdrawn during this time but it is okay. We have put in the work and we deserve it. This is the precise time to introspect in your safe space and consider where you are mentally in this moment and if you are happy. This is the time to set intentions. The Moon energy is light and while a little unbalanced, this is a good time to indulge in good things, spoil ourselves and do anything that makes us feel good.

Magic: The energy is hazy here. It is best to set intentions internally. Here is where you cleanse your amulets and quartz. Place anything that needs cleansing outside overnight. Although we cannot see it, the Moon’s energy is always there. Its a time for feel good rituals, beauty, improvement, Self-care.
Waxing Crescent Phase

Waxing Crescent:

To the Moon! The Moon has had its rest and it is feeling refreshed, although a little hazy still it is ready for the next adventure. This energy allows us to dream and set goals. To fantasize and explore our deepest desires. We may feel like everything is possible – and it is. Our minds are brewing our bodies are still resting. Don’t feel discouraged if you are feeling a little unmotivated during this time. The time to move will come.

Magic: Purple is the color of spirituality. It is the color of our Crown Chakra. the one responsible for our enlightment and transformation. In this time of wishing and hoping, wear anything purple to feel empowered. Amethyst are great to have around you at this time. Do a hot oil massage ritual with almond oil, Massage your hair and scalp. Leave on for 10minutes or more then rinse.Dont forget to carry your amulet!
First Quarter Phase

First Quarter:

The Moon is half full which means it has completed the first cycle of thinking and resting. It is now feeling vibrant and lively. This energy gives us the determination to write these goals down on paper and make them reality – start moving. This is the perfect time for that first move. Opportunities don’t always grow on your lawn, you most likely have to harvest them.

Magic: Throat chakra. The magic here is all you. You have the universe on your side, now you have to form the connections- Speak. Brew elderberry tea and chamomile at the end of these days to soothe the throat.
Waxing Gibbous Phase

Waxing Gibbous:

The Moon is feeling confident and bold and it hopes you are too. This is the time to socialize, enforce connections, build bridges that will get you to your objective. This energy gives us the power to be able to cement the things we have our eye on and go for the full force. To fall in love and fill with passion this next endeavor – however small it may be. Believe, this can happen!

Magic: it is important that During these days we walk and talk with good intentions. so that we can gather good karma. end these days with cleansing your room before going to bed with SAGE, Palo SAnto, or sound. You need a clear mind to succeed. sometimes ideas come in your dreams.
Full Phase

Full Moon:

The Moon feels exactly how it looks – electrifying and jazzy! The Moon may make us crazy – but we can all be crazy for the right things. Let loose and be free. This energy brightens you and your mind. You might feel restless, over emotional or even overdetermined. (This energy carries strong the days before a Full Moon and the days following it, take advantage of feeling good.)

Magic: This is the most energy filled time. Make sure you use this strong energy to the best of your advantage. Wear your new moon amulet all day. At night light a white candle. This signifies the fire you have inside. embrace it. Write on a paper any negatinve feeling you have at the moment – burn it. Sit outside under the moon light for at least 20 minutes holding your amulet with even more intention for the days to come. Leave your New moon amulet outside – it is ready now to recharge with Full moon energy and sync with yours.
Waning Gibbous Phase

Waning Gibbous:

Moon is back to business. This energy lets us brush off the Full Moon commotions and keep moving forward. We should have good momentum by now and should be integrating ideas and actions into our every day, making our New Moon intention a little more real and even close to attainable. We know that not every day may be as positive but consistency is the key.

Magic: Grab 3 basil leaves. write 1 word on each leaf that describes things you are proud of or are grateful for. go outside and as you throw them to the wind, raise your arms up, close your eyes, take a deep breath and smile! Because Good things do come to those who hope graciously.
Last Quarter Phase

Last Quarter:

Moon is feeling certain. The First Quarter was introspection, this Last Quarter is for ‘extrospection’ – looking out and admiring the things or habits you have improved, changed and created in your life. Life is good when you make it good and put in the work!

Magic: Make the outdoors priority during this time. This is a great time for a Grounding Ritual: Grab your amulet. go outside away from everyone and anything. lay flat on grass, dirt, even cement if you have to. extend your arms beside you and place your palms up- receiving. close your eyes and breath here. Deep slow breaths. feel your chest rising. crack a smile. stay here for as long as you need. regather. you are doing good and you are just fine. know this.
Waning Crescent Phase

Waning Crescent:

The Moon is feeling grateful. This energy inspires us to be thankful for the determination in ourselves and thankful for anyone or anything around us that contributed to our growth or results. This is our Karma. Good or Bad. By now we have built something new for us from nothing but perseverance. This being from simply eating better to becoming the greatest person alive!

Magic: Flower power ritual, you deserve it. Buy your favorite flowers. Fill up your tub, light some candles, spread the flowers all over the water and Submerge. think of the beauty of you and of all the things you can do in life if you really want to. Enjoy beautiful soul.

AND the Moon cycle continues..  

This is Moon Phase Magic, the never ending quest of understanding of ourselves and every single thing around us. Everything keeps changing, we ourselves keep altering. The Universe provides us with numerous tools to make the journey smoother and more enjoyable so we can always live well and be happy!

may your journey be pleasant.

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