First Moon: Manifestation

The year of the Ox.

The Ox energy is helping our wants make ground movement and come to life this year. Not without our persistent perseverance of course. We have to put in the work and care for things so they can grow and flourish our way.

You create the life you live.

Organize every part of your life to better suit you. You have that control. Be in the present and work day by day on the things you want. Let go of the negative for no one but for you. Learn to feel lighter.

Patience my friend said the Ox. Good things take time, but they will come.

I inspire you to set aside some time and come back to yourself. Read this intention today or on any New Moon. Stay in the moment and asses all that things that are going on in your life. Life is always moving, you have control of how to feel and how you want your life to be. Make sure the things you keep are resonating with you and making you happy and if not – let go and let be.

Love, light and happiness.

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