A Witches New Year; Spring Equinox

witches spring equinox
Spring; the light rekindles -E

Rejoice magical creatures, as today the Earth, the Moon, stars and of course our sheer little selves made it through another year. We can feel the light finally peeking through the long dim winter we’ve been living through powerfully, gathering our thoughts and reflecting. 

For many, these past two years have not been the easiest. As we reached the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius at the beginning of 2020, we could feel the air (literally) of change sweeping underneath us. Saturn the planet of lessons, making us take a step back to introspect on where we are in life and Jupiter disturbing it’s strict identity with a little yearn and possibility. 

This energy brought us to a time of self reflection about everything around us and very specific – our individuality. It inspires us to feel and think more open minded about things that resonate with who we truly are more. After all, the age of Aquarius encourages a sense of community, unity and change. 

As we hold on tight to the things we know, let’s try the best we can to embrace the changes that keep coming and are yet to come. Remember, this new decade will keep bringing change in a lot of ways to us personally and everything around us; but in the midst of these unknown waves, let’s not forget to stay together in faith and positivity just like the magical creatures we are. 

May this New Year bring YOU many sweet blooms, so that your heart, mind and soul can flourish. 

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