Eclipses 2022 | Build the Life You Want

The Eclipse season has officially kicked off, with the first Solar Eclipse on 4/30, in Taurus. We will have 4 Eclipses all in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. 

Eclipses are said to be small world resets, there is a unified nudge or we can even call it a universal tampering of our day and night. When 2 of the main sources of our existence traverse each other, it is a grand celestial event. These events can be called life markers, they tend to  highlight things in our lives that have been stagnant or may need a little remodeling. I tend to think of them as yearly resets and reminders. The energy of Eclipses comes every year and they  spread a special energy to push us more in the direction we need to go, as a collective and individual. 

This year all Eclipses are in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, and this is powerful. 

Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs in astrology, which means that although they are different, they are also alike. The constructive traits of each individual sign needs to be learned by the opposite sign to thrive. Both are very passionate about their stability and what they want. Although Taurus is more about comfort and physicality. Scorpio is all about feeling and regeneration. They both have something to teach us and as different as they may be, if we unite their best qualities and traits, we can gain something outstanding. Both signs are heavy and fixed, so this year might not be as effortless as others but it will surely be one to strengthen our boldness if we put in the work. 

With these 2 signs in the forefront, the main focus will be on taking a good look into how we feel about the things we have built and everything we have been pursuing.

The energy Taurus brings will make us concentrate on the reality around us. Taurus encourages us to build stable things, habits and relationships. It makes us focus on the physicality of things. The environment we have created for ourselves. This being our homes, our careers, relationships with people and things, the way we look and all the physical things we do.

The energy of Scorpio pushes us to feel. Scorpio is anything but a light sign, it is an extremist. This energy pushes us to dig deep and dig out all the profound feelings we’ve been feeling. Especially those hidden emotions that come up and we rarely let out or want anyone to know. Those hard feelings we battle by ourselves that ultimately need to be resolved. Scorpio is intense on everything it does, what it desires and even what it expects. It wants nothing but to feel passionately good about everything it puts its energy into.  It is the sign of death and rebirth, giving even the weakest one, the courage to change the hardest things and the strength to come out even better from the ashes if needs be. 

These Eclipses will force us to give a second thought to what we’ve been devoting our loyalty to, the things we dedicate our time to and the people and things we put the work in for. It wants to make sure that our hard work is truly aligned with our desires. It will inspire us to reflect on the things we have been putting our focus on; do they make you feel good? Is it beneficial to you physically and emotionally? Is your energy being wasted and if it is; you must change this. When these signs come together, they will drive us to build a gratifying empire and environment that ultimately makes us feel stable in our immediate ground and bring us true joy. It simply wants us to create a life we want, satisfying in every way.

Adjust to better and fruitful things that are going to help you grow, so that you can find that emotional and physical balance.

Pay attention to the signs and dreams you have all year, and specifically to your feelings. This should give you a greater sense of understanding of what you need to do and hopefully light the fire to pursue your most authentic cravings. You know what you want. You have been feeling it. Feel brave to go after what you want, let go or change the things you no longer need and have the strength to make it a reality. 

May these Eclipses bring you the magic to create rewarding, solid things in you life.

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