Mercury | Your Intellect

Mercury is the sign that governs our mind and connections. It is the commander of our intellect, communication style and our curiosity. It is the link between the information we receive and exchange. Mercury aspects bring lessons in the area of our lives that need alterations to better understand ourselves and the things around us. As we collect data and experience things, we start to shape our personality. These things affect us emotionally and mentally. It ultimately defines how we are. 

Whatever sign Mercury is in your natal chart, can tell you a lot about how you approach things. Your particular “OCD” tendencies, your routines, how you like to express yourself and even how you live your day to day. It can give you insight on the things that are obstructing your expression and motivation as well. It can also bring to light all that can help us know ourselves better and improve our day to day interactions with everything, especially with our mind. For example if your Mercury is in Taurus, you will be more inclined to take a slower approach or stay stagnant, so getting out of that comfort zone is important. As if it is in Aries, then you might jump into things in a second and might need to step back and think a little more about your words and actions. 

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is not about having 2 personalities or 2 different faces, it is about bringing 2 connections together. Virgo brings logic and practicality. Both signs are big thinkers and if evolved, we have 2 methodical signs that can come together. One can inspire us to learn more, the other can help settle our mind in order so we can understand things better. This is teaching us that all of our masculinity and femininity despite being a man or a woman need to come to a place of balance. So as Gemini introduces us to the duality of good and evil or like I like to better express it – our gentleness and our power, Virgo grounding our mind can get us to really harmonize those energies. When we accomplish that, this is what brings motivation, power and passion but also emotional nurture, kindness and understanding. Making the way we think, act and are a little more resourceful. Pay attention where these signs are in your chart. In these areas, you need to seek more knowledge and come to an understanding to stabilize those feelings and methods.

Why do we do things a certain way? 

Mercury encourages us to discover our entire essence and master the equilibrium of energies so we can navigate life better. It wants us to feel free and easy about being who we are. This planet is all about learning and diving into different things and ideas. It wants us to expand our minds and consider those unfamiliar things, all for the opportunity to draw in new information and awareness to ourselves and everything around us. Mercurial energy wants to push our development. It can inspire our creativity and drive us to engage with more people and things. This energy is about exchanging words, feelings and information with one another for the sole purpose of strengthening our mind and intelligence. It want us to have a better approach in life to things and be more reasonable when it comes to our feelings.  

Get more in touch with your Mercury. Dive into new things and open your mind to different information. Leap into your creativity and explore the many sides of your mind. Get to know yourself and find the contrast in everything around you. Make connections with unique people that can instill knowledge in you and jolt your mind a bit. Be weird and even do unusual things. It’s okay to express yourself exactly as you are. Expand your understanding of things.

Enhance your mind!

Witch Tip: carry a emerald gemstone when you feel confused about something. This will help you evaluate better and help clarify your mind to see things more clearly, especially on Mercury day; Wednesday.

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