Your Daily Therapist | The Moon

Navigating through life and all the unexpected events, narratives and story lines can be difficult at times but if we pay attention, it can also be enlightening. When we feel confused or misunderstand something about ourselves or even others, it’s nice to have sources that can help us see things a little clearer. 

If we are closely related to anything, it is that huge bright mass that greets us every sun down, our Moon. In Astrology, the Moon rules our emotions. It contributes to the way we feel about absolutely everything. By understanding our reactions with each Moon, it can help us interpret ourselves and things a little better. If we study how we feel on certain days, we can learn how to flow through life smarter and more beneficial.

Life is completely experiential. The things we go through and the things that happen to us all have an important message that can contribute to our growth.

As the Moon and Earth rotate through the sky, the Moon rests on a different sign every 2 to 3 days. The Moon moves our mind just like it moves the oceans tides. It is the strongest connection we have to anything celestial. If we pay attention to its cycles and the sign it resides in, it can give us insight on why we are feeling a certain way during those specific days.

Here is a Moon map that can guide you. It explains what you can personally focus on depending on what sign the Moon is in to help in your journey:

Moon transiting Aries: What is holding you back? Take this energy to go after what you want. Great time to put your physical energy into the things that can benefit you and help you grow. Step into your confidence and power. A good time to start anything. Aries gives us that fire, but with that in mind, be aware of being too aggressive towards yourself, situations and others. If you have been feeling anxious or angry, this is the time to focus that energy towards better things that can help improve you. Aries energy wants you to go after the things you’ve been wanting to do and gives us that motivation to get things going!

Moon transiting Taurus: Do you feel stable and secure? During this time, consider your physical needs and surroundings. In order to feel good in our lives, we need to build a strong foundation. It’s what you see everyday that can elevate the way you feel about your life. You can arrange your life exactly how you want it. What are some things that you feel need improvement? This time is great to ground yourself from the dreams and start making them reality. Be aware of overindulging or being lazy. Find the balance between the two. Taurus energy wants you to put in the work but also to make time for the nice things in life, those physical things that make you feel good. Pamper yourself, light up those good smelling candles, and enjoy the little things.

Moon transiting Gemini: What is something you’ve been trying to understand? During this time, we can seek to tie our opinions with facts. This is the time to let yourself view any current situation you’ve been dealing with from a different angle. Diversify and socialize. Exchange ideas with others and enjoy getting to know life and things from different perspectives. Be careful to not get lost in your head with negative thoughts or ideas. Gemini energy wants us to open our mind and connect our body and emotions in a logical better flowing way.

Moon transiting Cancer: How’s your mental health? The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer. During these days, drive your attention to how you’ve been feeling in your own skin. Take time to sort out the things you are doing that make you feel good. Do more of the things that comfort you. Up the things that make you feel happy. Spend time with the people you enjoy and care for. Be conscious of the way you treat yourself and others. Be kind, we are most vulnerable during this time. Cancer energy just wants us to create a surrounding that genuinely brings us joy, validation and comfort.

Moon transiting Leo: What makes you, You? When the Moon is here, it gives us this feeling of wanting to be our truest self and because of that, this time can make us feel really good about ourselves or very uncomfortable. It all depends on how authentic and honest we have been with ourselves. We can take advantage of this time to step into our courage and start doing the things that bring pride in who we are. Pay attention to how you feel here, write down your goals or create a vision board. Getting where we want to be takes time, so learn from the process, it’s a step closer to where you belong. Don’t forget to admire the parts of yourself you’ve worked hard on too. Leo energy just wants you to feel satisfied with who we are.

Moon transiting Virgo: How do you feel at the end of each day? During this time, try and organize your life in better ways so that it all can flow easier. Virgo wants to shine light on the things that we have been putting on the back burner. It may trigger our frustration about things that we have not been doing, but it can also give us the push to get things done. If we organize things, it brings great benefit to our lives. This time can also bring focus to our health. This is a great time to add that morning walk or that hobby into your days. Virgo energy just wants us to be at ease and in sync with our health, mind and surroundings.

Moon transiting Libra: How’s the balance in your life? Libra is all about balancing the connections we build in our lives. This can be relationships with people, jobs, curricular activities and all the things that are part of our lives. Take this time to assess everything you give your energy to. If you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, or something is stressing you out, maybe it’s time to put some motions in place and sort things out better. Try to harmonize what you feel needs adjustment. Find the midpoint between all the things you focus on, so your life can feel light and move better. This time also can make us feel good about ourselves and push us to talk and be more sympathetic. Be careful of being too indecisive or over agreeable. Libra energy just wants us to stabilize and strengthen all the connections in our lives that are good for us.

Moon transiting Scorpio: What are you keeping inside? During this time, get in touch with your little dark corners you keep tucked in. Scorpio wants us to let out emotions we keep deep inside. Try to clean up the space in your heart. Release the things that make you feel heavy so better ones can form. It’s also a great time to heal anything that does not serve your happiness and higher self. Let go of any habit, thing or person that is not healthy to your emotional being. Be aware of reacting to those deep dark feelings or getting sucked into them. Scorpio is here to help you learn how to deal with that state of mind and transform it into something better and positive. Regenerate those parts of yourself, so that you can be the best version of You. Be sensual, feel passionate and romantic. Embrace your deepest desires no matter how ardent they may be. Scorpio energy wants us to be brave and express those strong feelings we feel in a more healthful beneficial way.

Moon transiting Sagittarius: Are you feeling like you need a change? Take this time to seek new things! Sagittarius wants us to travel, see new places, people and things to promote our growth and stimulate our minds. We all learn from experiences. Delve into things that may not be familiar to you. This time is about learning, exploring, and diving into things that can expand our mind. Sometimes we need those little resets from our ordinary lives. Be careful of being choosy and playing with too many ideas you don’t plan to make true, it can get frustrating. Sagittarius energy just wants us to get to know the world and expand our minds and fill it with more inspiring things.

Moon transiting Capricorn: What are you doing to reach your goals? This time is for putting in order the things that may need a little shifting in your life in order to get where you want to be. During these days it is good to create a plan or revisit the things you want in life and what you can do to get there. Be aware of being too rigid or doing things that will benefit you but maybe disrupt other things. Capricorn energy gives us the determination to create the life we want. It may take time, but even if you take small steps, you will get there.  

Moon transiting Aquarius: Are you doing the things you want to do? Aquarius wants us to establish our individuality. When the Moon is here, it can give us that boldness to be who we want to be in life, despite restrictions. Take this time to reevaluate who you are in this world. This time allows us to rationalize our feelings and think a little more clearly about where we want our life to take us. Be aware of being too logical, selfish and even defiant. Aquarius energy just wants us to beam in our uniqueness and put out the best parts of ourselves that can maybe even change the World!

Moon transiting Pisces: What are your hopes and dreams? During this time, leap into your dreams. Pisces want us to get away from all the daily mundane and jump into our creative self. To step away from our daily mundane. Explore your realm of imagination and daydream. Visit those places that reside in your mind that you may not go to much. Be aware of delusion or unrealistic thoughts, staying in this fantasy place is nice but we must keep our feet on the ground and come back to reality. Pisces energy just wants us to believe in our dreams, tap into our creativity to discover all those enchanting things about ourselves.

Get a journal and write down how you feel at the end of each day. Connect this with what sign the Moon was on those days that made you feel uneasy, you felt really good or even when something impactful happened. This can give you better guidance on how to maneuver through life and how to proceed with important dates and situations.

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