Birria | Vegan Recipe


CONSOMÉ: 5 Guajillos
1 Chile Ancho
3 Chile de Arbol
1 Onion cut in 4 parts
4 Garlic Cloves
JACKFRUIT: 2lb of Jackruit / 2 cans
Salt to taste
2 TBSP of oil of choice

1. Remove the seeds and stems from the Guajillo and Ancho chiles
2. Soak all the chiles in hot water until soft
3. Remove the chiles and reserve 2 1/2 cups of this water
4. Throw all the Chiles, the remaining consomé ingredients and the 2 1/2 cups of reserved water in a blender.
5. Add 2 tsp of salt
6. Blend until liquified
7. Reserve 1 cup of the Salsa and set it to the side**
8. Pour in a medium pot the remainder of the Salsa and add 5 cups of water, let it simmer on low

1. Separate the seeds from the meat (discard seeds)
2. Place the meat in a strainer and rinse thoroughly
3. Heat a pan with 2 TBSP of oil on medium heat
4. Once the pan is hot, add the Jackfruit
5. Add 1 TBSP of each of the herbs and ½ TBSP of salt or more depending on your taste
6. Sauté for 15 minutes or until the Jackfruit starts to brown
7. Slowly pour the 1 cup of reserved Salsa you set aside into the pan*
8. Sauté for 10 more minutes or until Jackfuit begins to crisp
9. Add your Jackfruit to the Consomé
10. Simmer 15 minutes, add salt if needed
11. Let it simmer for an additional 30-40 minutes on medium heat (this lets the flavor develop!)

Serve with Tortillas and Devour!

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