Your Magic Shrine |How to create an Altar

In this busy world, it’s important as empathetic beings, to have our own magical generator. We have to really learn to differentiate ourselves from the hasty world around us. We must keep our minds dipped deep inside those esoteric places and try to revisit them often. The ways of life will always continue to try and take us away from our rooted magic, but we have to enforce those connections that allow us to keep streaming our personal powers. An altar can work as a link between our external self and our mystical inner being. As we create this personal space of power and influence, it can help encourage the positive energies each day and up the frequencies within us. 

In our practice, building an altar in our homes and having that special place that is dedicated to our magic is essential. This allows our subconscious and conscious mind to waltz and better synchronize.  When our entire mind is concurrent, it allows better recognition of our deepest capabilities and brings us closer to our truest being. Our personal energy becomes stronger and our power amplifies. When this rhythm is fruitful, it persuades more positive, beneficial things around us. Welcoming opportune encounters, good things in our life and even strong strokes of good luck. Having this place where you can intentionally manifest, can open many doors in many ways.

It is important, even necessary to allow ourselves to come back to our mystical essence often. So we can better connect with our intuition and get a clearer look at our visions. It helps us stimulate our internal incarnations. This space will be an extension of our deepest roots, and all of what we are and can be. It becomes part of us and who we are.

Think of this as our personal vision board. Throughout life, our altar will evolve with us. Changing, depending on the things we want to bring, change or desire throughout our life timeline.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way of creating this space. The setup should ultimately come from within. So tap into your intuition and pull out your magic, this will become your personal creed where you can manifest absolutely anything.

How to create your Altar space:

Elements are believed to promote balance and invite a more grounded energy. It can help in staying more attune to your inner intuition:

Have a bowl or glass of water always. Gather rainwater when you can. This is water. 

Have sand, rocks, or some part of your personal terrain or from a place you really like and feel connected to. This is earth. 

Have a sword, an arrow or a feather that you will someday find (because you will). This is air. 

Always have a candle. This is fire.

Negativity absorbents: Garlic, Lime

Good energy attractors: Cinnamon, Sugar, Red Roses

Smokes that help clarify a space: Lavender, Sage or Palo Santo

Plants at your altar or beside it

Essential Crystals, Quartz and Stones: 

Dioptase: supports healing, inspires to let go of any hurt or heavy feelings we carry from childhood or past experiences.

Amethyst: for enlightenment , helps to boost intuition, calms the mind.

Moon Stone: encourages us to get in touch with your consciousness. It helps one get in touch with the deepest parts of your soul and connect with our spirit. It brings knowledge to the mind so that we can form a better understanding of our purpose in any situation and in our lives. 

Carnelian Stone: boost the balance of emotions influencing peace of mind. Reinforces self-confidence and protects from negative people and situations. 

Citrine: revitalizes our positivity in life and body. Helps bring happiness and joy to our life. 

Tigers Eye: promotes clarity in life dealings. Aids in purifying connections we bring into our life, this being new things or people. 

Obsidian Quartz: absorbs negative vibrations and bad energy, helping one stay balanced and grounded

Pyrite Quartz:  brings abundance, especially economically 

Rose Quartz: brings openness to one’s self and strengthens our inner peace. Harmonizes the relationships around us and influences positive connections.

Rutilated Quartz: it helps open ways and give us a better direction so we can reach our hopes and dreams.

Green Fluoride: promotes higher vibrations of self helping us attract good things in our lives.

Topaz Quartz: brings motivation and strength, leadership wisdom and enlightenment.

Rubi: encourages self-power, courage and helps bring positive connections into our life that can bring us wisdom and assist in our personal growth. 

As you soak in this practice, your intuition will ripen. It will guide you into your personal customs, ideals and wisdom. You will become one with your power and ultimately cultivate abundance on all the things you want. Most importantly – you will help preserve the esoteric energies that are needed in the World.

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