Venus in the Signs | How do you love?

In honor of Friday being related to the Gods of Love;

Aphrodite, Cupid, Frigga, Hathor, Hera, Juno, Parvati, Venus, Vesta and all others.

What zodiac sign is your Venus in?

Venus in Aries: I will love you fiercely. My love for you is powerful, can’t you see it? Let’s do without thinking. Trail blaze through life. Let’s do things and fill our days with action.

Venus in Taurus: I want to serve you. I will be the dock to your ship. Let’s live a life of luxury, be cozy and feed each other till the end of time. 

Venus in Gemini: Let explore each other’s minds. I want to be consumed by your intellect. Stimulate my mind, entertain me. Let’s do things that are fun and creative until our minds die out.

Venus in Cancer: Let’s make a home. I want to feel safe and adored. Let’s care for each other, love and heal each other for eternity.

Venus in Leo: Love me or leave me. I need all your attention, but you will get mine in return. Let’s be fabulous together. Let’s be loud, proud, emotional and determined for the rest of our lives. Let them hear our love roar!

Venus in Virgo: Let’s make this right. I will do things for your well-being and happiness and you do the same for me. Let’s keep everything neat and simple, but with passion and trustworthiness.

Venus in Libra: I want to follow you as long as you let me. I am forever devoted to you. Let’s morph into one, why not? Let’s do all the nice things together, quietly, just you and me in our Love World.

Venus in Scorpio: I want to be consumed by you. I want to know all of you and your insides. I want to be drowned by your love, so I can build a gondola and we can sail together to the depths of our passions, until the day we perish and even after.

Venus in Sagittarius: Let’s explore! Let’s enjoy life and all it has to give. Keep my body, soul and mind amused. Let’s adventure onto everything in this world together. See and learn new things. Partners in crime till the end of time.

Venus in Capricorn: Let’s assemble a good life together. Let’s be powerful. Let’s build life security and rejoice in our success so we can do all the things that make us happy, for the rest of our lives.

Venus in Aquarius: Let’s disturb the world with our love. Let’s do things no one else has done and love each other in ways no one has ever loved. Who cares if people think we’re a little strange, its you and me against the world!

Venus in Pisces: Let’s create our own realm and get lost in it together. Let’s build a life of love, creativity and escapism, at times. It’s our world now and we can make whatever we want of it.


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