A more positive YOU |Energy shifting

The energy around the world is at an all time high. Unexpected events have been disturbing human psychology a lot more these past years. Everything is changing. Hard truths are rising up from the dead. Veils are being ripped away and opinions are bursting like fireworks creating mass information and making confusion strong. Although so many people are now more in touch with their emotions, not many have the experience to work with so much energy.

While we have no choice but to try to live as best as we can, one question arises; why are some people more positive than others? How can some keep their composure when the rough situations happen?

The static of life can be felt, and some can feel it more than others. There is no doubt about the chaos that comes with living and surviving in this society.  But if we let ourselves get consumed, it can start leaving little to no room to hear the voices within us. This can also make it easy to lose our relation to ourselves or even hard to find it.  All this noise has swayed our focus to ideas and things that the world demands of us and we have forgotten the ideas and things that our inner-being truly needs. This way of life has left many with little to no understanding of oneself, making it hard to keep that positive outlook and even believe that true happiness can be reached.

Personal Consciousness

Let’s get a little deeper. The way we feel and react is connected on a cellular-energetic level. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions alter the way our heart beats, our blood pressure, our immune system and pretty much the way our entire body system flows. When any feeling arises; this being happiness, anger, sadness, excitement, resentment, hurt or positivity; it paves the way for our future forming cells that shape our internal algorithm. This has a huge play on our outlook on life. Picture us like radios, if our antennas are attune to good frequencies, the more beautiful rhythms and sound we will project. So the more open to positivity and clear minded we are, the better our being performs. Transmitting that good energy into everything we do. 

Collective consciousness

On a intertwined spiritual and scientific perspective – it has been demonstrated through science that sound can move sand, water and other things through its vibrations. Apart from only sound, our thoughts and how we feel influence the way we think, and are a big part of how we contribute to the frequencies all around the world as an individual. All these vibrations influence our interior being. They have an impact and effect on our physical bodies. We cannot see them but without a doubt, they are a silently influencing all around us. The collective consciousness comes into play when we know that every single being in the world affects the frequencies of the earth, extending to each and every one of us. So just like that sound influencing sand and water, the collective consciousness is a sequence of interferences between beings. It’s a contribution of energies from all the things that exist. So keeping a nice flow of energies between absolutely everything is essential for the greater good.

How can one filter uncomfortable energies and transform them? How can you start maintaining personal harmony and be less bothered by external stimulations? 

Our consciousness has the capability to attract what we desire and the power to block the things that do not serve our greater good. But first, we must understand our own energies. No matter how uncomfortable some may be. When you know where your perspective stems from, you can then begin to mold it in better ways. 

What do you bring to the world every day by simply existing? What are you with no intentions and discipline? Have you mastered the gift of natural positivity? 

When you know your personal psychology and why you do, you can start mastering not only the separation but also the correlation of inner and external energies. This allows one to see more clearly what energy is our own and which extends from our surroundings and is contributing to how we feel. Knowing the difference is vital for inner peace. Strengthen your association with the trust you have with yourself. Pay close attention to your instincts, especially your intuition. Listen closely, we all know exactly what we need to do or where we need to be, getting there is a tricky journey. If we are conscious of our actions and the cause and effect of them, we can better maneuver uncomfortable feelings and situations and can stand strong in your positive ground. When you get closer and more intimate with how you personally feel and flow naturally, you understand that most scenarios and experiences are not permanently attached to you. Everything is simply an outer experience and you can always rearrange your perspective on how you want to welcome anything into your space. Once you start playing and getting to know your energies, you start forming a better comprehension around the things you want to be surrounded by and start attracting more and more of those things into your life. This is how one starts creating a personal ecosystem, and this is how the magic of shifting begins! 

How do you intentionally energy shift? 

Energy shifting and transforming can really build bridges for a fruitful and balanced inner self. It can be one of the greatest instruments to our self-power, enlightenment and overall life balance. When we start opening more productive portals in our lives and shift our mind to those places nothing can stand in our way. You start feeling more in charge of your emotions, your actions and life in general which then creates an open sea of possibilities. Let go of negative feelings and interactions, understand that anything that happens simply just is. It is the cycle of life. Let go of any expectations, especially when it comes to life events. Work on enhancing your personal power and assertiveness. You can shape your reactions towards any given obstacle and situation, you have the power. 

The more we train our manifestation and intuition, we start building better attachments to our affirmative side. Get in touch with your higher self through practical energy and start forming a better connection with it. Set the boundaries you need around everything, especially people and things that you know are not bringing you well. Keep your electricity flowing and try to stay in sync with your positive mentality. You will invisibly but powerfully affirm what comes into contact with you and declare what cannot disturb your inner and outflow. Get to know yourself and your personal intricate conscious system. Separate you and everything that is. This is your reality, start energy shifting! 

 Be and let be. 

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