A Starlight Hike


At night you can experience wilderness in a whole new light. Here are some tips to make your adventure safe and fun:

Location, location, location! Choose areas and trails that you are familiar with and pick clear areas with less hazards.

Slow is Fast- Slow down, take your time and enjoy, you’ll be less likely to lose footing or get turned around.

Hydrate– make sure to bring plenty of water. Just because it’s cooler out doesn’t mean you won’t get dehydrated.

Bring Friends-Travel with someone or in a group. More eyes on the trail can make for a safer trip.

Bring an extra flashlight or a headlamp. Also some spare batteries. OR…
Simply let the moon light be your guide, pay attention to the lunar cycle and hike under a Full Moon. You’ll experience the outdoors in a whole new way!

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