What is a Saturn Return?

You know when your parents tell you to stop doing that? Or, You are doing great kid! It is kind of like that. Saturn comes to bluntly analyze and review your life at the moment. In our lives, we are meant to experience 3 Saturn Returns, all meant for greater good.

When Saturn comes, things get a little messed up and uncomfortable. Not because he is bad but because he is here for a purpose! As life goes by, some things get stale and you might not ever even notice. You may be walking around feeling incomplete or feeling like you’ve lost sight of the things that make you happy or have no idea where you want to go. Saturn is here to guide us and swoop us back into self-reflection so we can fix some things to continue on a more effective path. 

Saturn demands answers, he is not one to care to make you restless or cause you distress. He is here to put you face to face with the life you have been living. For you to really feel and see the things you have built around you. No more pushing things under the rug – now you can see the collection. That’s what Saturn does, he digs out everything and lays it out on the table for you.

He really only wants you to have a pleasant life.

Saturn is not always harsh and obnoxious. Sometimes you are exactly on the path you are meant for and Saturn will let you know and even clear up some questions about it. This can be the time where you get the career or job you’ve always wanted, retire, or your life changes dramatically. If good or bad, that is completely up to you. Saturn wants you to feel good about where you are, who you are, and to be in harmony. He comes to clear those uncertain thoughts for you, mature you, and add new mechanics so that you can continue on a good path.

Take in and pay close attention to the lessons, connections, feelings and events that happen during this time. They are trying to tell you SOMETHING…

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