The Great Conjunction 2020; From Believer to Rebel

We all heard of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020. Let me tell you, it is kind of a big deal. There has been a silent amongst the people and if you have noticed, we are slowly getting loud..

This Conjunction will activate even further our Sector of Individuality and our want for freedom – bringing out the inner rebel inside.

We have been in the Age of Pisces since 1413, and very slowly stepping into the Age of Aquarius for the last couple of decades. The Age of Pisces started the era of Jesus and formed all the history we know now. Pisces brought monarchy. It brought the strong ego, the want to control and the love of wealth. It indoctrinated everyone into religion and encouraged leaders to dictate specific followings and structures that began what we call now and still follow- our Constitutional Republican Society. 

Remember 2012? How the Mayan calendar ended and we all thought the world was too? This was also a Great Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury activating our Wealth Sector, influencing us to be smarter about business. This created the Entrepreneur mentality. We saw so many people leave their long time jobs to use their acquired skills and put them to use for personal independent benefits. This brought a lot of change to the Work Force – Revolutionary.

There was also a Conjunction back in 2000. Which brought upon us the wireless Internet, texting, and the rise of Social Media. Activating our Connection Sector– Revolutionary.

So if we follow the history, the clues and hints, we can see how the Universe strategically has been molding us into the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the rebel, the intellectual-independent thinker. This forces independence, isolation from the world, revolt, or authority disproof. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus; the original, the restriction breaker longing for a liberated path and freedom. It does not want restrains and will disturb if necessary. Aquarius is authentic and so strong-willed that at times it inspires it to be – Revolutionary.

Aquarius’ main desire is union. It likes community and cooperation – only if it comes from a place of non command or demand, this must be a peaceful process for all parties. That is all Aquarius wants – individual freedom, fairness and a peaceful surrounding.

There are many conjunctions and celestial events still in the ground plan, it is our duty to introspect the events, our emotions, and actions so that WE can form a better World Together. This energy will carry on for 2 years making us aware of the important things that need changing within ourselves and the everything around us to proceed life in the right direction.

This is Peak of The Age Of Aquarius.

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