Witch; Practicing Vegan Magic Part II

As a Vegan Witch, I have had to reshape the Magic and beliefs passed down to me from my ancestors. You see, back then life was more natural, a little slower and very different. 

You hear the foot of a rabbit is good luck or even a frog. These are the things you probably relate to a Witch. 

As I reshaped my life habits as a Vegan I had to reshape my magic too. In witchcraft it is a huge practice to work with animals and nature. Antlers, horns,feathers, tusks and bones are commonly used for magical purposes. It is believed that animals are a gateway to connect us deeper to mother nature. That these objects hold the spirit of the animal and carry other natural energy with them.They are used for protection or aspiration. We believe in the feathers of the birds that roam free in our skies but now, we don’t live among them or naturally find these things in the land. Our craft has been shifted. 

As society changes, our magic needs too. In our witches ancestry time, antlers and animals were found in the land. The animals would shed or naturally perish and our sisters would simply find them. We now live in a more corporate world. Society has pushed us far away from the land and unfortunately now have to adapt our witchcraft with our times and this society. 

As witches and Earth protectors we cannot practice like we used to. We must protect the land. I inspire you to use alternatives to your magic. An antler, a feather does not come freely from the animal – now they come from a store or even a farm. Unless you can do it naturally, let us shift to other forms of rituals for the better good. Remember – the things you use are only tools, the real gift comes from within, your Magic!

As Within as Above. Love and Light to You.

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