Witch; What is Witchcraft? Part I

Witches have turned eyes for centuries. It is something you usually don’t freely see in the world anymore due to years of censoring our magic. Not because it is a bad craft, in the contrary; being a witch is such a powerful and positive thing. You can find some of the most helpful and sweetest people practicing witchcraft in their most personal ways. Each of them contributing to the world a ceremony at a time. Witchcraft is not just engaging in magic rituals, it means we believe in working and gathering insight from the things around us in intuitive and ceremonial ways. We dedicate our life to heightening our most inner intuition every day and stay connected. We get reports from our daily climate and confide in all our elements. We protect our frequencies and tap into others for the simple yet beautiful purpose of the balance between every single living thing. We honor and respect Mother Earth because we have learned that she provides us with every single thing the human body, mind and soul needs. We embrace the Earth’s connections to us. We know and trust that our surroundings hold the tools and remedies we need.


We treat heartache, headaches and a sore tooth with things from the ground, because we know it works. We are the healers. The adapters between the dark universe and the ground our reality stands on. Witches and their witchcraft have existed for centuries to provide guidance and support. We have worked and keep working to understand our own innermost emotions and know to pay respect to all the dark places they arise from. We’ve known dark and we’ve seen light. We appreciate the divine and seek guidance from it. We walk hand in hand with the historical energies in our world and have bowed to keep carrying them on, carefully yet proudly in our cardinal essence. 


Witches are here to restore the crippled connections that have been lost in this industrial world. To bring back the respect to Mother Earth and to remind its people of their own magic. We are here to spread understanding of the valuable trait that in order to feel sane, peaceful and balanced we must reconnect to the ground between our feet and get to know ourselves. We are here to remind the world of this deemed occult but valuable trait.

We all are Witches and have our very own magical Craft!

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