What is Yoga?

In ancient science and still persisting; it is believed that every emotion that we feel has an effect on the body.

That when you think good the body follows and when you don’t, it does too. That deep rooted bad emotions can get “stuck” in our bodies and leave us in physical pain and unbalanced. Yoga helps physically release this – in every way. 

Yoga is not just about stretching, acrobats or being flexible. It is not about wearing yoga pants or liking crystals. Yoga is being in LOVE with Yourself. The practice of strengthening the connection we have with our entire being. The science of our mind connection to our body, mind and soul. 

YOGA is knowing that our minds have power over EVERYTHING.

That when things feel out of our control you can always come back to your own cozy breath and safe place, that is you. Yoga helps calm our mind. It is the practice of self- knowledge. The sweet patience we allow for ourselves. The wear and tear of everyday and life accumulates in ways unimaginable.

When you devote time for YOGA, you are devoting time to your own care. 

Yoga is about the movement of your thoughts through your body. A stressful day can leave a pained neck or head. When we move and twist our bodies in ways we usually don’t, it is literally detoxifying! Removing the gunk accumulated. We are stimulating even our organs internally. Just like clay, when you don’t used it, it gets hard- the body does too but this is called – stiffness. Stiffness can come in so many ways and forms. You may be stiff about a problem you can’t seem to solve and stressed out, stuck on a decision or simply have a stiff back from poor posture.

It all correlates. 

Yoga is the time you spend with yourself – feeling positive. Clearing the mind from all clutter and diving into your own healing segment. Reconnecting with your skin, your hands, your breath, your positive optimistic side. By sitting still, moving or simply being conscious of the importance of your existence.

Yoga is my meditation. It is the Zen period of every day. I invite you to welcome this practice into your life, to help ease some stress or simply get you flowing!

Feeling positive and poweful can go a long way.

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