Lunar Eclipse; Collective Consciousness

Total Lunar Eclipse: May 26, 2021, in the brave, intellectual, free spirited Sagittarius.

Inviting us to seek our higher truth. Seek the things that’ll makes us grow as an individual in this world. So that we can heal ourselves and the world. Together.

“The whole universal consciousness creates the individual consciousness”

We are not what’s around us, we are what our heart deeply desires. That’s it.

The world has put a lot of wants in our heads, a lot of thoughts and opinions. Static. We will all someday come to 1 truth. To 1 love. To 1 whole. That is our purpose.

We must learn how to separate what’s been given to us and what we truly need for our hearts and souls. Come back to our divine selves. Where everything and everyone coexist. Like the beginning of time.

The world shouldn’t be in division. It was never meant to be this way. You can see the cracks. We will learn that nothing works if we’re not in unity.

What do you think we are here for?

To keep life flowing by learning the way of the world and nurturing ourselves with the knowledge of our ancestors to properly sustain  our home and live in personal peace with ourselves and one another.

May every Universal shift, every Moon, every day – sway us and direct us exactly where we need to be.

To Higher Consciousness!

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