Your Sun Sign; Self-Metamorphosis

Who are you when no one is looking? Who are you at the quietest of moments? When everything is going your way, when things are just still. When you are not stressed or worrying about something and you have the freedom to dream. Your Sun is yourself at its most comfortable free state. Untouched.

That moment as a child when you believed you could be an astronaut and anything you could imagine.

That is your Sun sign, that being if you are a Libra, Gemini, etc., it is who we are if the World and its torture hadn’t hit us and corrupt us. Your self underneath all those layers of emotions, obstacles, and doubts. When all our little dreams seemed touchable and attainable.

The Sun is your truest self. It is who you feel you are even if the circumstances around you impede it. It is the frustrations we feel when we are not where we think we need to be in life. The yearning we feel every so often of what or who we could be. 

Your Sun sign and its greatest traits is what you are here in this World to be, but we must learn to put all the pieces together. For example, if your Sun sign is Leo, your role in the world is to lighten up the world and inspire people. A Sun sign Scorpio is here to show that we can all be resilient and come out thriving even in our darkest times. Learning ourselves helps us walk through life a little better even if becoming our greatest self takes time. Many astrologers believe we never really reach that state of being, we just simply keep learning how to adapt to the situations around us and the things life throws at us but with better wisdom and understanding. So things eventually don’t seem so bad because we figure out how to feel more comfortable in our own skin. 

We all deserve to be our best selves and show it to the world. Lunar cycles, Zodiac seasons, Eclipses and everything we associate with Astrology is here to guide us day to day in our most inner struggles and on our journey of discovering ourselves. If you pay close attention, you will see.

Read “How to Magic with each Phase” to better understand how to ride the waves the universe throws at us that are helping us eventually become our Truest Selves.

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